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By Charles FadelFounder and Chairman, Center for Curriculum RedesignChair of the BIAC/OECD Education CommitteePhoto credit: Luca Bravo/UnsplashAs arguably the driving technological force of the first half of this century, artificial intelligence (AI) promises to transform virtually every industry, if not human endeavours at large. Businesses and governments worldwide are pouring enormous sums of money into…

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Blog repost: How to create apprenticeships that work — Education & Skills Today

by Anthony MannSenior Analyst, Directorate for Education and SkillsPhoto credit: ShutterstockThe OECD estimates that over the next ten to twenty years, half of all jobs will either disappear or radically transform as machines continue to automate tasks that were once performed by humans. Many other new jobs and tasks will be created. Such upheaval in…

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Apprenticeships: Lessons from frontline delivery ~ Take time to plan on-board learning programmes…

cropped-istock-938985334_super.jpgIt sounds obvious doesn’t it? However, it never ceases to amaze me how so many providers overlook this very important area. Proper planning will save you time and should help you pre-empt any problems as your programme progresses. Some points to remember:

Think about what the programme is going to achieve and how?
What resources, tools and or expertise do you need to put in place.
Think about how these activities support end point assessment (EPA).
Ensure to finalise before the start of your programme or, risk problems at the end point assessment stage.


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